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The 2011 F150 Ford SVT Raptor Gets Powerful 6.2L V8 Over 2010 Raptor’s 5.4L

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Ford is playing musical engines with it’s new EcoBoost platform finding a home under the hood of new F-150′s, so to keep it simple they’re dropping a 6.2L into the Raptor and Harley Davidson limited edition trucks.

The upgrade to the 6.2L is music to the ears of those who wanted to get a better experience behind the wheel of something limited in production but not necessarily power.

Most of the people considering a Raptor or Harley edition won’t be disappointed to hear that a bigger engine will be chosen for 2011 models, these are just more reasons to pull the trigger based on the reviews where many said they should have put the 6.2L in to begin with.

In addition to getting extra power to the wheels, Ford is also bringing the 4 door SuperCab configuration to the 2011 models. The result is more passenger friendly, and accessible while providing additional leg room due to the longer wheelbase.

As expected, the price gets a little higher in 2011 due to the engine upgrade, putting it at a suggested starting MSRP of $41,260.

The new standard engine will put the Raptor into the segment it belongs, as one of the most capable off-road trucks that includes a suspension system that has been thoroughly tested and challenged in several offroad situations.

With the 6.2L V8, the 2011 Ford F150 Raptor boasts 411 HP and 434 ft. lbs. of torque, making it an offroad expert capable of the most technical and rugged of courses. Ford’s decision leaves little to improve upon in upcoming years, and grabs the attention of the competition and raises the bar.