August 1st, 2013

Newest Sales Horsey!This is the first day of the Red Neck Red Tag Sale and we are having success with getting the  word out about the best place to buy a Ford F-150 in the state of Oklahoma, Seth Wadley Ford. The sale will include used and pre-owned vehicles in the sale. Also, we  have reeived an assortment of mini-horses in a unique car deal last week! I am posting the pics here so you can see the goats, I mean small horses that were walking around the dealership. All the horses were accompanied by a salesperson to ensure the safety of human and horse alike.  Just another great day to walk among the Mustangs, Escapes, and Expeditions and get free oil changes!! Red Tag Red Neck Cowboy Sale!

Click here to here the new  Red Neck Red Tag Sale radio commercial!

Ford’s Rearview Camera System – Coming To All 2011 Models Soon

February 9th, 2011

Ford rear view camera

These days it’s hard to know whether or not Ford is a car company or technology company. They have certainly taken vehicle technology to new levels, so this latest is of no surprise.

Ford plans to implement its rear view camera system in nearly all of its Ford and Lincoln models by the end of 2011. This added safety feature is another valuable feature in giving drivers vehicle awareness of its surroundings.

“Ford is making new innovations such as the Rear View Camera System available to a wide range of customers in most of our vehicles to help them see better when reversing,” said Jim Buczkowski, director of electrical and electronics systems engineering at Ford. “Our research shows that visibility is one of the biggest customer concerns today, which is why we are the only company to offer a Rear View Camera System, Blind Spot Mirrors and the radar-based Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic system.”

Ford Fiesta Rear View Camera

The rearview camera system increases visibility and is one of the biggest concerns that Ford customers have expressed.

This will certainly help full-size pickups and vans which often encounter tight parking situations where maneuvering efficiently improves the drivers experience.

In addition, truck owners will love this feature when the time comes to hitch up a trailer. In the dark, bright reverse lighting occurs giving the driver a sufficient view regardless of the time of day.

Ford realized this need through listening to customers in coming up with features that these customers would really appreciate. The fact that Ford plans to roll this out in nearly all vehicles further supports the interests that Ford has for it’s drivers.

The 2011 F150 Ford SVT Raptor Gets Powerful 6.2L V8 Over 2010 Raptor’s 5.4L

February 3rd, 2011

Ford is playing musical engines with it’s new EcoBoost platform finding a home under the hood of new F-150′s, so to keep it simple they’re dropping a 6.2L into the Raptor and Harley Davidson limited edition trucks.

The upgrade to the 6.2L is music to the ears of those who wanted to get a better experience behind the wheel of something limited in production but not necessarily power.

Most of the people considering a Raptor or Harley edition won’t be disappointed to hear that a bigger engine will be chosen for 2011 models, these are just more reasons to pull the trigger based on the reviews where many said they should have put the 6.2L in to begin with.

In addition to getting extra power to the wheels, Ford is also bringing the 4 door SuperCab configuration to the 2011 models. The result is more passenger friendly, and accessible while providing additional leg room due to the longer wheelbase.

As expected, the price gets a little higher in 2011 due to the engine upgrade, putting it at a suggested starting MSRP of $41,260.

The new standard engine will put the Raptor into the segment it belongs, as one of the most capable off-road trucks that includes a suspension system that has been thoroughly tested and challenged in several offroad situations.

With the 6.2L V8, the 2011 Ford F150 Raptor boasts 411 HP and 434 ft. lbs. of torque, making it an offroad expert capable of the most technical and rugged of courses. Ford’s decision leaves little to improve upon in upcoming years, and grabs the attention of the competition and raises the bar.

New Ford F-150 Gets EcoBoost Equipped – V6 with V8 Power

January 30th, 2011

What would be complete without addressing one of the most in demand vehicles in the world, the Ford F-150. Ford has brought the EcoBoost technology to the F-150 allowing for a V6 to produce V8-like power all while saving on gas.

EcoBoost technology joins F-150 lineup – The 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ engine specially tuned for truck application joins the revamped powertrain lineup for the 2011 Ford F-150. This engine incorporates established heavyduty truck diesel engine technologies of turbocharging and direct fuel injection in a gasoline engine. This new EcoBoost delivers 90 percent peak torque at 1,700 rpm and continues to 5,000 rpm, making it ideally suited for trailer towing and other truck applications. The rigid testing protocol for this engine was developed from the profile of the harshest-use F-150 customer. This profile was used as the baseline for extensive computer analysis, which was then backed by hardware tests and in-vehicle validation. All tests together replicate more than 1.6 million miles of customer use.*

How Turbocharger Technology Works

The turbocharger is a wonderful piece of technology that has allowed engines for hundreds of years to incorporate the ability to reuse its own exhaust byproduct to generate more power to the engine.

An engine is nothing more than an air pump. The more air you put in, the more power it makes. The downside is when you force more air in, it heats up and then causes the potential for internal detonation which can destroy an engine. Turbochargers can work around this problem when they pair it up with an intercooler, whose job is to cool the air down before it enters the engine.

Cooler air equals more power. Cool air is much more dense than hot air, so in terms of volume of air the engine can handle before detonation, the more dense the air the higher the volume and thus the more power the engine makes.

The Ford F-150 suggested MSRP starts at $22,415 for the XL model.


Ford Fiesta’s Outgoing Personality – Emotion In Motion

August 24th, 2010

The Ford Fiesta Movement has attracted noteworthy attention this summer as it’s swept through social media channels. Viral video marketing created by selected agents and events organized by street teams are proving to be effective, in some ways more so than traditional advertising.

What’s making so many eyes take notice?

It’s the novel approach The Ford Fiesta Movement takes in marketing a compact vehicle. Each piece of the puzzle is dedicated to selling the Fiesta as an experience. From YouTube videos featuring auto-tuned robots describing engine specs to a zombie survival guide crafted to highlight keyless entry and push-button engine start, the Fiesta speaks to a generation immune to the usual gimmicks crafted to sell a product.

The process doesn’t end with the advertising. With 4.3 million YouTube views, and over three million Twitter impressions the campaign has generated, Ford announced that over 50,000 “hand-raisers” have retained interest in the vehicle, and plans to continue the campaign with an “unpackaging” process that follows the consumer. A picture of the new Fiesta owner and vehicle is snapped at the dealership at the moment of purchase and a USB drive packed with information about the model comes standard. When plugged into a home computer, the drive includes a download for a community application that keeps the owner connected to Ford, the dealership and fellow Fiesta owners.

What makes the Fiesta Movement is more than a mere branding and advertising campaign. It’s the integrated approach taken from the Fiesta’s launch that follows the customer perspective all the way through the showroom and continues with the buyer out the door. Not only is the Fiesta branded as fun, exciting and affordable, but it’s also the car with a connected community of users and lifestyle statement that may inspire buyer loyalty for years to come.